Penn Plax SAM 3 Level Down Under Hamster Cage

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Penn Plax SAM 3 Level Down Under Hamster Cage 


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  • Lots of room for sleep and play with plenty of nooks and crannies for your inquisitive pet to explore.
  • Bottom level simulates your pet's natural environment.
  • The translucent plastic lets you sneak a peek at all his underground antics.
  • Plus, the enclosed design keeps your pet's bedding inside the cage and off your floor.
  • Unique petting station opens for easy access to your pet.
  • Animal specific wheel size encourages lots of beneficial exercise for your pet.
  • Plastic housing is easy to clean and reduces harmful drafts.
  • Water bottle and feeding areas are integrated into the unit.
  • Expandable with connectable S.A.M. accessories, toys, and exercisers (sold separately).
  • Includes A Guide to Hamster Care to help you learn how to provide a happy, healthy home for your pet.



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